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Nepal Christian Relief Services (NCRS) is an indigenous Christian faith base organization that started in 1993. It is registered under Nepal Government in the year 2006 as a non- profit organization. It has been working in partnership with various partner organizations, local bodies and churches for relief, rehabilitation, disaster preparedness and mitigation in Nepal to serve people who are affected by natural disasters such as flood/landslides, earthquakes, fire, and starvation and/or are vulnerable with the disasters.

NCRS is looking for a qualified and well-motivated person for the following position:

Position: Emergency Response and Liaison Officer


Purpose: Responsible for Emergency Response including planning, budgeting, organizing and mobilizing volunteer and shall act under the authority of the NCRS co- chairs to coordinate and control any related standards activities. 


Minimum Qualification & Knowledge:

1.      Bachelor in Business Administration cum 5 yrs work experience in reputed organization.

2.      Computer Knowledge: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint presentation and other computer packages.

3.      Knowledge on emergencies issues and management with development affairs.

4.      Understanding of Biblical Knowledge.

5.      Social Mobilization and ability to work in a team.              

6.      Willingness to work amongst poor and under-privilege people and community.

7.      Willingness to commit to NCRS' mission, vision and core values.

8.      Oral and written communication skills in English and Nepali.

9.      Good report writing and documentation ability.

10.    Age above 25 and not exceeding 45 years.


Main Responsibility:


  1. Draft Proposals, Plan & Budget for the emergency response.
  2. Initiate relief effort to disaster affected areas & community.
  3. Collect primary information and data from disaster affected areas through media, local church network and government agency (DDRC) as soon as the incident occurred.
  4. Do necessary assessment (Such as filling of flash report , beneficiary selection, contact with local Church leader /focal person, VDC & district level stakeholder(Red cross, DDRC, DDC & DAO )
  5. Liaison with government authority such as, DDC, DDRC, VDC, Chief of municipality for disaster response and get approval for the program.
  6. Mobilize and responsible for volunteers and accompanied team members in relief distribution as per NCRS volunteer’s guideline.
  7. Prepare reports, case stories and get authorize documents from the local authority after completion of the emergency response.
  8. Prepare monthly periodic report & working plan then submit to Executive Director in the 1st working day, beginning of Nepali month.
  9. Responsible to facilitate communication between NCRS and government agencies, disaster related I/NGOs.
  10. Should have an up-to-date knowledge of NCRS programs, mission, vision and values including project leadership and the stages of these projects.
  11. Should be active in the liaison organizations and attends their key meetings under the approval of Executive Director.
  12. Responsible in supporting strategic partnerships by providing top-quality advice, facilitating effective knowledge management, and providing technical assistance to  ED & FA Snr. Officer in project planning, coordination, monitoring and reporting in any collaboration.
  13. Bring into practice the ethos, philosophy and principles of NCRS.



Candidates fulfilling the criteria mentioned above may send in their application along with application form (Click Here), a copy of recent Curriculum Vitae, recent passport size photograph, citizenship certificate, work experience letter, church recommendation letter with full contact address by 24 January, 2017. However, interested candidate from out of the valley can send it via email with scanned document to:


Nepal Christian Relief Services

Post Box No. 8975, EPC:1086 Lalitpur, Nepal

Email:, Tel. # 01-6213752


Please submit all the asked documents with your job application. Only short-listed candidates will be called for further process. NCRS reserves all rights to qualify/disqualify applications in all cases.

(For more information about NCRS you can visit our website

Urgent Request for prayer and support for the people affected by flood and landslide in Nepal

                                                                                                                                                       24 July 2016  

Dear NCRS Friends and Partners,  Warm Greetings!  
Thank you for your concern, prayer and support!
This is a quick and a short note with a kind request to you all and the people in your network for prayer and to raise necessary relief supports for the needy people affected and displaced by recent landslide and flood into different Districts of Nepal.
NCRS has been contacting Churches and local authorities so that we could have more detail information as they are the people who could reach and provide immediate relief support to the people affected by this disaster. Once, we get the information we will let you know further programs, within our capacity.
Disaster (Flood/Landslides) Affected Areas:
Easter Region: Saptari, Morang, Sunsari & Jhapa  
Disaster Caused by: Flood ( by heavy rain) Date: 23nd July, 2016 Location: Tilathi VDC ( 1-9), 11 VDCs of Saptari are badly affected House Inundated: 2,500 Houses People Affected: About 10,000 people  Present Situation: Water level raised up to 4ft /5ft. People are sheltering at the high leveled areas of schools and other government building for safety. Livestock and foods have also been destroyed because of flood. Immediate Relief Support Needed: Food stuff and Non-Food Relief Items, Tarpaulin, Clothes etc. grains destroyed.
Morang Disaster Caused by: Flood  
Date: 23nd July, 2016 Location: Biratnagar Bazar, Tintoliya, Pichara, Daraiya Village and Mills area  Houses inside water: 70 Houses  People affected:  350 People Immediate Relief Support needed: Food stuff and Non-Food Relief Items, Tarpaulin, Clothes etc.  
Jhapa Disaster caused by: Flood Date: 23nd July, 2016 Location: Khajurgachhi-8, Gauriganj-7, shivasatakchhi-1 and different places of Jhapa Total houses Flooded: 85 Houses  People affected: 425 People Immediate Relief Support needed: Food stuff and Non-Food Relief Items, Tarpaulin, Clothes  



New Section

Praise & Prayers for

March 2015-February 2016


Nepal Earthquake 2015 and its Affects:

As we are aware that the devastating earthquake measuring 7.8 on 25 April and 7.5 on 12 May 2015 badly affected the nation. As a result, around 10,000 people killed, over 100,000 people injured and hundreds and thousands of people became homeless with countless numbers of houses and physical properties have been destroyed.

We were experienced the catastrophe at the time when we had just completed our mission rebuilding of houses for 18 households in Parsa district, Central part of Nepal displaced due to fire. We handed over those newly built houses to them on 23 April 2015. Unfortunately, after a couple of days we had to face dreadful disaster. Since then our whole efforts have been pressing on to earthquake response under different programs and activities which we are presenting here on monthly basis for your information, prayer and praise together with us.
March 2015
Disaster Preparedness Trainings: Two days Capacity Building Disaster Management trainings held in Kanchanpur on 26th-27th March at Gethsemane Church. The total 26 participants from different church had participated in the training.
April 2015
Rebuilding/Rehabilitation Support: We were able to support 18 Mushar family whose houses were turned into ashes due to fire in March 2014 in Parsa district at Hariharpur VDC. On dated 23rd April, 2015 we handed over houses with two rooms along with toilet by Chief District Officer to the displaced families. The project has been funded by Samaritan’s Purse Canada (SPC). The beneficiaries are very thankful and grateful towards SPC and NCRS for this wonderful support to them. Now, they have their own house with toilet. Their futures are secured in terms of having own house for many y




Earthquake Relief Response
Progress Report Until Mid July 2015

Nepal Christian Relief Services (NCRS) has been distributing emergency relief support to the people affected by the major earthquakes of 25 April and 12 May 2015. This relief has been distributed by NCRS through the generous support of national and international donor organizations, churches and individuals. So far NCRS has reached 4,469 househlods 10 schools and 20 churches in 11 districts (Gorkha, Dolakha, Sindhupalchowk, Ramechhap, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Sindhuli, Rasuwa, Chitwan and Rupendehi), and is looking at supporting communities in other districts such as Nuwaknot, Dhading and Makwanpur.

On 25 April, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal causing widespread destruction and loss of life. The initial earthquake was followed by thousands of aftershocks and another powerful quake on 12 May measuring 7.3 in magnitude. The earthquakes caused 8,659 deaths (4,771 female; 3,887 male) and injured over 100,000 people - 384 are still missing1.

Of the 75 districts in Nepal, 14 were severely affected. These districts are located in the Central and Western Region including the Kathmandu Valley. About 5.4 million people live in the 14 districts2. Over 500,000 houses have been destroyed and 269,000 damaged. Afraid of returning to their homes, many people remain in makeshift tents along road sides or in friends and neighbors' gardens. Some people have started to clear debris and rebuild their damaged homes using available local materials but do not have adequate tools and information necessary to safely rebuild their homes.



Recent Updates on Devastating Earthquake
25 April to 24 May 2015

This is the recent updates on a devastating Earthquake incidents on behalf of Nepal Christian Relief Services (NCRS) to pray and open your heart for the support of earthquake victims over the past few days in the several parts of the country. As a humanitarian relief Christian organization it has been initiating to reach the people and community who are now in great suffering and desperate need.

A devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck the central and western regions of Nepal on 25 April 2015 and another earthquake measured 7.6 magnitude on 12 May 2015. As a result, As a result about 8,500 people are died, more than 18,000 people are injured and hundreds of residential and official buildings including mega infrastructures are collapsed within a minute in the terrific incidents.

During the time government and some humanitarian organizations are get involved to support these victims by distributing relief materials to the affected areas. However, the hundreds and thousands of people are deprived by the incident there are scarcity of food, safe drinking water and shelter .      


 Praise and Prayers for September 2014 - February 2015

Dear NCRS Friends and Partners,

We are very pleased to share about our mission's Praise & Prayers for six months (September 2014- February 2015) for you to praise and prayer with us. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for your valuable prayer and support to this ministry till the date. We appreciate your prayers and partnership with us.

Human Resource Development

The Program Coordinator participated in Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) Training from 24th-28th Nov. 2014 organized by Red R India in Lalitpur. Likewise Acc/Admin staff and field staff participated in Web page & blog designing updating Training and Sphere Training from 12th-14th January, 2015 and 16th-20th February 2015 respectively. Both the training was organized by Micah Network Nepal.



Praise and Prayers for March & April 2014

Dear NCRS Partners and Friends,

We are very pleased to share about our mission's Praise & Prayers for March & April 2014 for you to praise and prayer with us. Hope you will join with us in supporting the people in their adversity and needs affected by various disasters and calamities in Nepal.

Disaster Management Training

NCRS had organized disaster management training on dated 6th, 7th & 10th March, 2014. The training was facilitated by UMN. In the training, 14 people participated from different organization and Church of Kathmandu valley. The participants were benefitted through the training and are keen to assist in disaster response.

Praise and Prayers for January & February 2014

Dear NCRS Partners and Friends,

We are very pleased to share about our mission's Praise & Prayers for January & February 2014 for you to praise and prayer with us. Hope you will join with us in supporting the people in their adversity and needs affected by calamities and disasters.

Emergency Relief Response on Cold Wave Saptari

We praise God for the blanket distribution on dated 15th January 2014 to the people of Saptari Eastern part of Nepal who were badly affected by cold wave. Altogether, 210 families from Daulatpur and Rajbiraj VDCs received blankets. The blankets handed over by the Chief District Officer and other senior officers from government agencies including Red Cross where many political leaders, local reporters and other community and church leaders were attended.